Yikes. Returning to the Real World is No Fun Right Now

My emotions and stress are off the charts

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Yesterday, I wrote a piece on my retirement practice year (RPY) and why it was so important to take one before I head off into full retirement. I believe to find my purpose for the rest of my life is a critical step.

5 shockers learned from my Retirement Practice Year (so far)

I described how I took an awesome bare-bones trip in the jungle of Costa Rica teaching English to the native children.

I also detail the craziness that resumed when I returned home and the pressure of what to do next sent me into an emotional spiral with the pounding voice in my voice saying, “What now genius are you going to do next?”

So I took a part-time job at Trader Joe’s. It wasn’t the ideal professional project management position that I was used to, but I really believe the hard physical work and camaraderie would get me back on a more balanced emotional track.

But to be honest, I know it is early but I am not sure I am right. You see, Trader’s is a great place for belonging as fellow workers are amazing at making you feel important and that you belong. They share their personal stories and many of them are working their retirement practice years or in full retirement.

But this is still retail we are talking about. That means they hand you your work schedule three weeks in advance and you follow it without question. And they can nitpick the crap out of you.

Manager: “Are you leaving, Mark?”

Me: Thinking of the 20 minutes of overtime I put in covering for a late-night customer rush…

“Yes, I say proudly.”

Manager: “We need you to clock out before you put your jacket on to leave.”

Me: Ok. (Smiling grimly)

So this seemly simple interaction just added to my frustration that I am too low on the totem pole and just sick and tired of being “managed.”

It probably shouldn’t have been so painful to me (“choose your battles”) but it was and it kept me up and fighting my ongoing issues with being able to fall asleep.



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