What I Learned as a Retired Guy Playing Digital Nomad in Europe!

Why should millennials have all the fun?

MarkfromBoston 🌻Ukraine
3 min readJun 11, 2024
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I had yet to learn how helpful taking a comprehensive English training program (TEOSL) would be. It was much more challenging from the importance of sounds (phonemes) to the difference between how people learn language, to the full Engaging, Study, and Activate (ESA) Model. I found out that there was a lot to learn!

A little about me.

I’m an energetic and soon-to-be-retired professional who fell in love with traveling and is now combining it with his love of teaching. I cannot fully retire. This would feel like I had lost meaning in my life.

My teaching experience (before taking my TEOSL training) was volunteering in Costa Rica for 3 weeks as a volunteer teacher. I loved watching the young and older faces excited to learn this new language called English.

I then got a gig as a paid teacher in Boston later in the year. This opportunity would add to my love of teaching students (mostly from Brazil, hoping to move to America permanently.) But it would take away the fun and energy required to teach 5-plus-hour evening classes from 4:30 pm to 10:00 pm. I also worked for incompetent and uncaring administrators that made for a rampant turnover — most times teachers left the…



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