The Hiking the Appalachian Trail Video — Wow!

You might want to check out this adventurous challenge

MarkfromBoston 🌻Ukraine
2 min readNov 27, 2023
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Just watched the end of it and the extended version. Need to share with the Medium Community. Travel, Hiking, and Just doing it!

I don’t think I will ever hike the 1,100-mile AT. But Maddie just completed it and gave a daily insight into the blood, sweat, and amazing sites of this beautiful Georgia to Maine trail.

I spent a week volunteering in Appalachia, Eastern Kentucky during my college days. An amazing place. Full of poverty, yet beautiful people and amazing mountains and hollers.

It is funny how the algorithms can deliver amazing looks at life. Some are not good for you. This one is good for me. I hope it is good for you, too.

Best during the November seasonal adjustments to all my Medium writing community.

Hello team. I love reading your work!

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PS: I’m teaching English to immigrants and international students in the evenings. Teacher Mark is having fun even with the long night hours. Rewarding. More on that later!

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