The fastest way to stop anxiety in its tracks

How Walden Pond Saved My Life

MarkfromBoston 🌻Ukraine


A smiling woman floating on her back in cold water.
Photo by Jernej Graj on Unsplash

Ever have days when your anxious thoughts just cripple you?

I found this solution after finding myself in a deep state of anxiety and moderate depression on an overcast November day not long ago.

Earlier in the day, My anxious mind had me strapped to the sofa in a state of torment. Churning over every problem I could think of. Over and over and over.

“Where is my career going? Will I survive the winter ahead? Will I ever get my relationship life together? Will the Patriots win another Super Bowl?”

On and on and on.

I finally challenged my catatonic state by reasoning with myself — “I have a big, fat, powerful mind but it can’t do anything to solve these problems by just laying here — endlessly ruminating.”

I jumped off the sofa and headed for a nearby lake, not any lake — the historic and spiritually uplifting — Walden Pond. Yes, the home of Henry David Thoreau. I submerged myself in the icy, cold water. I didn’t jump in like those taking a holiday plunge, I eased myself into the water — taking several attempts — until I finally submerged. Ahhh…

I had just found the fast-acting emotional relief of cold water immersion.

The initial feeling of the water enveloping me at once was a bit sharp but after a few minutes, I literally could lay on my back and actually meditate in the water. Like taking a nap on a waterbed. Amazingly, the dozens of anxious thoughts were reduced to one or two thoughts at the most — almost like being in a therapy session.

Thank you, Walden Pond. Thank you cold water. Thank you endorphins.

My brain had sent so much blood to my heart and center core that my mind felt relieved of duty. I actually got a high feeling that lasted for the remainder of the day. And the cold water stimulation of my freed-up brain actually turned my endorphins on full blast. I was so jazzed that I blasted music in the car on my way home and even did a faux radio disc jockey recording into my phone about how happy I was.

It is not as crazy as it seems.



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