Surprising ways I embrace life at 65 years on earth

A movie helped me find the spirit to grow in this tricky stage of life

MarkfromBoston 🌻Ukraine
5 min readSep 14, 2023
Photo by Jacinto Diego on Unsplash

My father always said, “Getting older is not for whimps…”

I am starting to embrace the “getting older” stage now at 65. A new club that never even had the decency of sending me an invitation. I was rudely just drafted.

Yet today I feel light in both mind and body.

It is 70 degrees and a picture-perfect sunny day with a stunning blue sky. How are we this lucky to be alive?

Today, I'm on the campus of Middlesex Community College — beautiful grounds for such a small college and a cantilevered-roofed library to boot!

Being a senior-aged student — only $50 is charged to me for a $900 dollar — Intro to Film Making course.

And what a course it is! We are only in class #5 and already have learned to use Canon Rebel cameras and more importantly come up with a short movie idea that we both have to pitch and shoot. So cool.

And my class filled with mostly two generations of younger people has treated me well so far.

I’m living a movie.

I can’t help thinking about the feel-good movie, The Intern — with Robert De Niro as the…



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