Monday morning Journaling for a great week!

This crazy mind of mine….

MarkfromBoston 🌻Ukraine
4 min readJul 10, 2023

I hate freewriting it is such a pain. Putting my head of confusion on paper…more painful than just being frustrated with a solid dose of cabin fever.

I am in no threatened space. No tiger is about to eat me. Yet, I feel like I am being eaten by two sides — the fear of being miserable and unproductive and cranky and homebound, and an internet social media slave.

On the other hand, fearing for the safety of my future — may be an even greater threat. And less of a topic that I want to really talk about.

Deep breaths Mark and beautiful people — -you got this. Do I research how to use a part-time job the best? How to leverage having people around me and becoming a local celebrity who refuses to stay hidden?

But so many decisions on a Monday morning with a mind that hates being overwhelmed with decisions.

Photo by Kartik Iyer on Unsplash

Solutions — - Break it Down

List the decisions

List the alternatives

Do a little — not a lot — of research

Pull the trigger

Set up a week full of meetings

Write down what will give you Maximum Momentum!!!



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