3 Ways to Be a Better Creator?

Creative Time is your Superpower

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Consuming media is so relaxing but keeps you stuck!

Can anyone relate to the challenge of just hanging around online? Congratulations if you are a regular creator — -writing, creating music, learning a new skill — -or better teaching a new skill.

For me, it is making regular contributions to a site's online communications that support excellent, “In Real Life” events (IRL) on a platform called Stitch.net.

It is a community for active individuals over 50 who want to create a stronger friendship community and travel the world of adventures. (Check it out at https://www.stitch.net/).

And writing for Medium, of course, keeps my juices flowing.

But are 3 ways to supercharge your writing — -especially when you are in a slump? Here’s some that should help you immediately.

  1. Join an online — or better yet, IRL daily writing group. I have participated regularly with a great group called The London Writers Salon. One hour of focused writing. Check it out https://londonwriterssalon.com/
  2. Track your daily creation time. Yep, just get a clock or timer and write down your total every day. It will help you find more time to work.
  3. Turn off all the distractions on your computer. Write and create without all the bells and whistles to distract you.

Please comment on what works best for you to be a more productive creator. Is it being on the beach, working in a remote international city, or being in your favorite room?

Carpe Diem for making a difference in the world.

Hello to my long-lost friends at Medium. I apologize for my writing absence and miss you a lot!

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