The Happy Thanksgiving to the Best Writers in the World

MarkfromBoston 🌻Ukraine
1 min readNov 24, 2022

You, yes--you are people that make great writing happen

Before I stuff my face with Turkey and all the fixings, I just had to pause and thank the awesome writers in my Medium community.

My writing pace is way slow right now but you all helped me through a year of writing, good times, bad times, and learning a ton of new things from such high quality people.

Thank you for giving…(see what I did there🐶😂?)

Oh, and my gift to you is this 3 minute cut from the classic and infamous WKRP in Cincinnati Turkey Drop episode. Comedy writing at its most hilarious. In this case the show is the tell! (They never show the angry Turkeys but your mind does).


And thank you for sharing your stories!

I love you all!


Turkey Shoutouts 2022:

Katie Jgln Robin Nemesszeghy Yana Bostongirl Jimmy Misner Jr. Janice Tovey Zaid - WrittenMastery Sreese Judy Derby Jan Sebastian Art Bram Janice Macdonald Scot Butwell Julius Evans Jamesf Smith Justiss Goode Pierce McIntyre

PS:I’m still cold water swimming and will be writing you from the warm shores of the Philippines in the new year. How about you?!



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