Goals You Just Won’t Reach in 2022

Time to get honest

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We have talked previously about goal setting for the New Year.

Now is the time to do a review even just one month into the year. It is better to take the red marker on your resolutions and cross out the ones that are doomed for failure. The reality is, some goals you just won’t make, and it’s time to decide on them now.

Let’s clear them out so they won’t suffocate the ones that still have a chance. Time to get honest.

— Here are the 3 goals that you will fail at miserably —

Goals that are optional — without deadlines

Yes, if there is no firm deadline with repercussions for failing. Take April 15th. Now there is a date attached to a deadline. Everybody knows this date in America. Yea, you don’t file and pay your taxes, you suffer.

And the IRS starts the late payment interest every day that you don’t comply. And even if you are dead, you still pay. Everyone finds a way to get this deadline done.

Goals that are above your risk tolerance.

Wait, isn’t risk tolerance just a financial thing? Not at all.

Before you set goals you do a lot of assessment on whether it is worth the price to pay for completing or not. If the price is too high emotionally, financially, or logistically, the goal is not getting done.

Can we use Covid varients breaking out again this year as an excuse? Let’s try our hardest to get creative and not let them stop us.

Goals where you have little support.

We all get by with a little help from our friends. If you need support, seek it out with all the myriad groups and organizations at your fingertips. Otherwise, take it off your list.

However, if you play your cards right, you just might achieve these types of goals — (And Don’t forget, for more support just signup for my email list below and receive a super helpful, Goal Setting Checklist)

You just might succeed with —

Simple straightforward goals



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