Friday Night Dark Lights

A Poem of Hope on reaching my 100th Story on Medium!

MarkfromBoston 🌻Ukraine
2 min readNov 7, 2023
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I made it finally, finally to 100 stories!

I should be thrilled but I felt that it took way too long.

What, almost 2 1/2 years?

This day was the epitome of both my life and writing journey.

I was deathly tired all day. Just exhausted. Too many work hours.

Too many life decisions.

Too much work just keeping it all together.

Just like writing on Medium. I have made so many great friends and writers here.

Way over one thousand human beings.

But many have moved on — Just like in real life.

It’s hard to not miss them.

But for everything, there is a season.

Life never asks whether you like the changes.

But on this challenging day a break.

I received a couple of great calls from my out-of-town family.

And a walk.

Into my beautiful meadow.

With an adjacent boardwalk.

Peace at last.

And hope and a little relaxation finally returns.

On this crisp 62-degree New England evening and a bright almost full moon.

I hear the tree frogs and crickets singing in background harmony.

The air is exhilarating with just a touch of coolness.

How lucky am I to be out enjoying the fresh smells?

Life now is enjoying the little things.

And hanging on for dear hope.

Photo by Eugene Golovesov on Unsplash

Thanks for reading my 100th published story on Medium. I appreciate you greatly.

Have a blessed day.

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