Film Review: The Banshees of Inisherin. Best Picture or Worst Ever?

One of the gloomiest, uninspired movies I have ever seen but still can’t stop thinking about it

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Do you ever get a really off-beat somewhat distasteful song in your head, and yet it plays there all day? Well, this odd, little/big movie may get stuck in your mind in the same way — even if you try hard not to let it.

The Cliff-Notes version of the Banshees…

If your dream is to live on one of the smallest islands anywhere and believe the small but crazy-ass things happening from the most insipid residents who live there, then The Banshees of Inisherin is your movie.

But before you watch for yourself…

Be aware when the scenery is the main character and a donkey steals the show — and is the only happy character — in the entire movie!

The plot seems no more than two pages. It makes allusions to a civil war that you have to trust is happening from one distant cannon shot.

However, I can’t help it but I’m still thinking about this otherwise Irish drudgery piece. What up with that!?

If you can endure the eternal slowness — and the giant leaps of faith — how can a character mutilate themselves and go off to the pub bleeding and not get gangrene at the least? — there is a lot to say about how male relationships can go astray as people get older.

And the loss of a lifelong friend is profound and hurtful and one feels powerless to regain old friendships. The movie depicts this well despite its story line and pace.

So maybe in this light, it is a worthwhile view.

But take a pint of Guinness to the movie, just in case it goes all wrong for you.

You have been warned!

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