Overwhelmed with crazy, non-stop anxiety?

Spring has Sprung — Here’s a simple way to Calm-the-Hell-Down

MarkfromBoston 🌻Ukraine


Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

The world can be a crazy place. I find myself feeling stuck a lot and reading the daily news only makes it worse.

But the sun is coming out here in the NorthEast — even though I look at Florida temperatures regularly and am amazed at how they are rocking 73 degrees while we are thrilled with just 37.

So in an attempt to get myself to be more relaxed and you my beloved fellow writers and readers — I present the link to my well-received 2022 article on the Magic of swimming in the cold waters. For me, it is Henry David Thoreau's historic — Walden Pond. For you lucky Californians — it could be the Pacific Ocean or any lake, stream, or inlet that offers both nature and water for the rest of you.

Please take a look. You may be surprised by ways to find peace, happiness, and your soul. In just 4 minutes! It literally saved me.

Provide What Works For You: Would love to hear how you are managing stress and what you do to keep yourself from going literally crazy.

Hello to fellow writers especially Sreese who may be in recovery mode himself from what he has posted.

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Enjoy this great read from fellow Northeasterner — SREESE.



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