Does the 1619 Project help Blacks in Today’s America?

I’m seeing some merit but my concerns are real

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I read a great article today on The 1619 Project that got me reinvested in considering how America’s original history is taught today. When the Truth Hurts: The 1619 Project and America’s Schools.

It was written by L.A. Justice — and you can read this compelling article in the link below.

Ms. Justice does an amazing job of summarizing why this Project is so important. But I wanted to respond to what I consider just one major flaw in the Project research.

My concern is that slavery started as a European issue with the major powers of the time and had its effects throughout the world — — including the Caribbean and South America. Before Europe, there were other world powers exploiting someone, somewhere.

Yet, it seems the focus is 100% on the United States where the self-flagellation of our country — and our country only — the one we have to live in for better or worse quickly becomes detrimental. An important debate but one that takes the focus off the issues that need to be addressed today to improve lives.

Other than that, I think it is essential to know the 1619 history, the black leaders who have accomplished much, and how to focus on progress as we advance. Since the beginning of civilization there have been inequities and few cultures or races have been spared. Thanks for a thoughtful article, Ms. Justice. You got me thinking deeply about this issue.

Other thoughts on this Project and its benefits and limitations?

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