Are you Confused about the new Medium Navigation tool?

It’s great when Medium makes changes, but….

MarkfromBoston 🌻Ukraine
2 min readDec 14, 2022

From the new Medium message upper left: “New: Navigate Medium from the top of the page, and focus more on reading as you scroll.”

“Okay, got it?”

No, I really don’t. I saw the little black box on the upper left with this message and it just seemed confusing. Maybe it is because I’m taking Google user-interface training (UX). Maybe because I’m in my winter slow season.

I love it so much when Medium makes positive upgrades to the platform. But does this message mean:

“We just made the change and moved the Navigate button from the right sideline to the top for easier viewing?”

If this is just the change, I wish the Medium IT gods just would have said it straight. Navigating from the Top might work out to be really cool, but right now, I have enough to figure out.

Just my peeve of the day….

And a quick Happy Holidays greeting to my beloved Medium Writer Peeps (The MWP Club).



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