Are you Confused about the new Medium Navigation tool?

It’s great when Medium makes changes, but….

MarkfromBoston 🌻Ukraine


From the new Medium message upper left: “New: Navigate Medium from the top of the page, and focus more on reading as you scroll.”

“Okay, got it?”

No, I really don’t. I saw the little black box on the upper left with this message and it just seemed confusing. Maybe it is because I’m taking Google user-interface training (UX). Maybe because I’m in my winter slow season.

I love it so much when Medium makes positive upgrades to the platform. But does this message mean:

“We just made the change and moved the Navigate button from the right sideline to the top for easier viewing?”

If this is just the change, I wish the Medium IT gods just would have said it straight. Navigating from the Top might work out to be really cool, but right now, I have enough to figure out.

Just my peeve of the day….

And a quick Happy Holidays greeting to my beloved Medium Writer Peeps (The MWP Club).

Photo by Dmitry Spravko on Unsplash

Take it easy on yourself and your loved ones over these next few weeks.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS YOU ALL and THANKS! I’m trying to read each of you more this month and into 2023. Comment if you want to join the club so I can follow and read you!

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