5 easy steps to get to 1,000 loyal followers

Blood, Sweat, and surprisingly — Cheers

MarkfromBoston 🌻Ukraine


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Making it to 100 was exciting. Medium requires it to join the Partner's Program. I really liked having an early goal after joining to prove that I belonged. It was challenging but doable.

Hitting 500 was really cool. I am especially proud because so many of the 500 were active with me in unique and different ways.

For example, Scot Butwell started a group called Writing Nerds, and the dozen or so writers who joined read each other’s selected stories every week and gave amazingly useful feedback and critique. So cool. I got to know those writers especially well and still follow them adamantly today.

People like Michele Maize sharing her Southern California blonde adventures, Judy Derby writing very captivating short stories, to Janice Tovey capturing an international flavor to what she writes.

So if I was starting again here’s what I would do to reach 1000 faster and with the quality of followers that I cherish.

  1. Read, read, read what people write. I read 10x more than I write.

2. Comment on what you read. Writers cherish feedback (I know I do!) BTW, I always thank writers no matter if I agree with what they write or not. Some of the most controversial ideas came from folks like Justiss Goode and I broadened my opinions because I thanked her for being a prized member of the Medium family — first, and foremost.

3. Write regularly — especially when you don’t feel like it. My good stuff amazingly comes out when I think I got nothing. Why is that?

4. Join a regular online writing group like the London Writers Salon https://londonwriterssalon.com/. There is something about seeing 50 other writers striving away with you that makes the process less lonely.

5. Join great publications that you feel you really belong to. I like Reciprocal and feel greatly supported by its writers and readers.



MarkfromBoston 🌻Ukraine

Sharing stories of thrills of love. Just completed a teaching volunteer service in Costa Rica. Treasure the Medium tribe as my family. Connecting is what I do.